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2016 U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle.

The U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle is a relay race with six legs that include alpine skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, running, canoeing/kayaking/stand up paddle boarding, and sprinting to the finish! You can do it all yourself or be part of a team (or pair). We invite you to take part in the festivities and enjoy Central Oregon.

Entry Type by April 22   April 23 - May 6   May 7 - May 16  
 Individual  $80  $90  $100
 Individual (13 - 17)  $60  $70  $80
 Individual (12 & under)  $50  $60  $70
Pairs $68/person $78/person $88/person
Pairs (13 - 17) $50/person $60/person $70/person
Pairs (12 & under) $45/person $55/person $65/person
Teams $50/person $55/person $60/person
Teams (13 - 17) $45/person $50/person $55/person
Teams (12 & under) $40/person $45/person $50/person
Family Teams $180 $195 $205

The 2016 PPP is right around the corner!

A relay with six legs including alpine skiing/snowboarding, cross-country skiing, biking, running, canoeing/kayaking/ stand up paddle boarding, & sprinting to the finish!

1 Alpine Ski
This leg starts at the top of Mt. Bachelor’s Red Chair, sprinting uphill then skiing down the LeeWay run.

2 Cross-Country Ski
The XC is an 8 km skate ski and goes to Mt. Bachelor’s Nordic Lodge parking area.

3 Bike
Biking consists of a 22 mile beautiful ride into Bend along Century Drive.

4 Run
This leg is a 5 mile, single track trail run along the Deschutes River and starts at the Athletic Club.

5 Canoe/Kayak
The water portion goes upstream, then downstream, then upstream again.

6 Sprint
The sprint goes under the Columbia Bridge and finishes the race at the arena in Les Schwab Amphitheater.

Our Sponsors

The U.S. Bank Pole Pedal Paddle wouldn't happen without our incredible sponsors. Thank you!

Lead Sponsors

US Bank
Hasson Company Realtors
Les Schwab Tire Center
Desert Orthopedics
Mt. Bachelor
Five Talent
Bigfoot Beverages
St. Charles Medical Center
NW Brain & Spine
Bud Light
92.9 FM
News Channel 21
The Bulletin
Old Mill District
Les Schwab Amphitheater

Leg Sponsors

Athletic Club of Bend
Sun Country Tours
Robberson Ford

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