Frequently Asked Questions

Will the Alpine or Nordic skier have enough time to do the run if they are on the same team?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. Teams have to drive the Sunriver detour.

When do they close the road up to the mountain?

Never. The road going UP to Mt. Bachelor is never closed. The road going DOWN from Mt. Bachelor is detoured through Sunriver during the race (except for the pairs division). 

Are Individuals required to have support people?

Yes, individuals need to have at least two support people. 
One person for up at the mountain and one for in town. The support person on the mountain will have to drive the Sunriver detour. 

Are bike fairings allowed?

Yes, in the Open Teams only. 

Are snowboards allowed?


Are telemark skis allowed?


Course Time?

Ranges from 1:45 to 4 hours. 

How do hand offs work?

You will have a transponder on your ankle that you will need to take off and pass to your teammate. Listen to the volunteers and ask if you have any questions about where you need to be before your teammate comes to the transition area. 

Tandem Pairs - What does this mean?

In some races tandem means that you can do each leg of the race at the same time. That is not the case with this race. In the PPP, Tandem means that you can either use a tandem bike and/or a two person kayak. 

Open Category - What does this mean?

Same as the Tandem except you are doing it as a team. So, a tandem bike and/or two person kayak is allowed. There are no age or gender divisions. 

Do 12 and under teams run a shortened course?

Yes. Everyone on the team needs to be 12 or under to qualify to do the shorter version of the run. When they reach the aid station at the Healy Bridge, they will continue on the Healy Bridge, then once they cross the bridge, they will access the river trail and run towards Farewell Bend Park. We will have lots of volunteers directing them.

How can I find a racer for my team?

Post a message on our Facebook page!


Can I share a boat with another team?

No. You and that team will be disqualified if you do. 

I just found out that I can't do the race. What do I do?

Try and find a replacement. We do not issue refunds. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view give her the name of your replacement. She will need their age, t-shirt size and name.