Race Overview


maryalpine1. The Alpine leg starts at the top of Mt. Bachelor's Red Chair where skiers have to sprint 200 feet uphill without their skis, then find where they put their skis, put them on and finally ski down the LeeWay run. The course is a beginner/intermediate run.


2. The Cross Country leg is an 8 km skate ski. The exchange to cycling takes place in front of the Nordic Lodge parking area. bikepink

3. The Bike leg is a 22 mile beautiful ride into Bend along Century Drive.  The ride ends at the Athletic Club of Bend.


4. The Run leg is a 5 mile, single track trail run along the Deschutes River.


marshallboat5. The Canoe/Kayak/SUP leg begins at Riverbend Park. Boaters will paddle upstream from the put-in point for 1/2 mile on the Deschutes River to Healy Bridge then back downstream for 3/4 mile, then back upstream for 1/4 mile to the sprint exchange.


adaptivefinish6. The Sprint leg starts at the Canoe/Kayak/SUP finish and goes under the Columbia Street Bridge on a paved footpath to the grass Finish Arena in Les Schwab Amphitheater, approximately 1/2 mile.